We are representative agents, efficient intermediaries, and generators of commercial opportunities for our clients and producers.

We have a close relationship with the main dairy producers from all over Latin America and Europe, due to years of effort and constant development of new opportunities, while we focus on serving our clients efficiently. We have solid knowledge and experience when it comes to generating new commercial deals, as well as we deeply commit to each new challenge.

At IBIZOK, we represent European producers in the dairy sector, for Latin America. This allows us to generate business opportunities between clients and producers in a way that is close and personalized to the needs and wishes of each party. Likewise, we maintain commercial relationships with different suppliers of the food industry, (Eg. Brazil) and we are constantly developing new markets.

Our main customers are in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, among others, and our producers in Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Austria, Brazil, and Paraguay.


At IBIZOK we take responsibility for supplying, providing solutions, and generating new business opportunities permanently.

We connect, attend and follow all the needs of our clients and producers, together with our back office team that is in charge of the documentation, records and permanent control of the supply chain.


We have solid knowledge and experience to create new businesses and develop new markets, which allows us to provide solutions to customers and producers.


We take responsibility for supplying our clients while managing the risks of the supply chain, as well as, we generate new business opportunities for our producers throughout Latin America.


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